Corocraft battery powered tree, "at rest"

Vintage Christmas tree pins with battery compartments that are not corroded are a beautiful and somewhat rare thing, especially when a little round battery lights them up!  I have had a few Corocraft and one Hattie Carnegie battery-powered tree.  All the Corocraft ones went to town on a button cell battery, but I have yet to figure out what tiny battery will charge up the old Carnegie.  Amazingly, the one I have is in pristine condition, right down to the original pins that hold the cover in place over the battery.  I will continue my search for the right one, but if anyone knows, please write in!  The Corocraft trees, by the way, take an “AG13” button cell battery.  GLOW!

Stay Tuned:  All the beautiful Corocraft trees!

Joy, joy! It lights up!

Corocraft "Cone" Tree, battery-powered

Hattie Carnegie, ready for the right battery!