Have to share some of rarest trees yet – some for sale in my shop, Vintage Under the Sea!  The rarest is the Gorham tree set with diamonds…none of the Christmas tree pin book authors have ever seen this one before – so I will be soon heading to Providence, RI to search the Gorham archives for a drawing of it or any information about this tree – what year it was made, how many were made, etc.  The Gorham archives are located at Brown University in Providence.  Hopefully, I’ll be heading over there next week – can’t wait to see what I can discover!

Gorham Sterling Silver Christmas tree pin, set with genuine diamonds

Alphabet Sampler ABC Sterling Silver Christmas tree pin

EXTREMELY Rare Har signed Christmas tree pin

Sea Coral Branch Christmas tree pin – Wild!

One of DeNicola’s signed rare arbors!

Love this modernist tree – Mint condition in the original box!

BJ half basket weave gold tone Christmas tree pin

The highly sought-after Beatrix (BJ) basket weave Christmas tree pin – snagged it recently from a large lot sale (hidden treasure!), and it sold immediately (within 24 hours) from my online shop – I knew it wouldn’t stick around for long…wish I could’ve kept this one…but hopefully, someday, I can find another one for my private collection!